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Groupsize: 4

Role: Project Owner / Concept / Coder / UI

Development period: 3.5 weeks

Grade: 1.0 | 100/100 Points

Developed in Unity

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Take on the role of Quill, a mechanic in the research team of Fenix. You work there on a superintelligent AI that one day takes control of the Fenix. The AI locks up all the crew members. Escaping seems hopeless. Your boss Dieter, the leading scientist of your crew, contacts you via radio and reports the problem. Dieter grants you access to a program that allows you to hack into the space station. The mission is to make your way to the cockpit to manually eliminate the AI. But there are dangers and obstacles awaiting you... The AI locks doors along your path, repeatedly traps you, and floods rooms with water. Thanks to the hack on your tablet, you can dive into the digital world of Fenix and clear your path. With skill and wit, you make progress. The AI will constantly throw insults at you, but don't let that distract you!


First Person

PC game


Puzzle game

Perspective switch

Third Person Jump n Run

Realistic graphics



A kind of parallel world in which the player enters during certain mini-games to hack into systems, open doors, turn on lights, etc. The digital world can only be accessed using a tablet and specific software provided to the player at the beginning of the game. It is designed as a 3D platformer and is completely shrouded in darkness. Only the obstacles are visible. In that world, the player controls a digital avatar to overcome the challenges, make progress, and defeat the AI.


Let me explain how it works in game. First, the minigame scene is loaded async, and when the player interacts with a terminal, a tablet animation is triggered. The hacking manager then gets the hacking terminal script. Once the player completes the minigame, the manager initiates the unload function on the terminal, causing the scene to unload, and a Unity event is triggered. Adding a new level is incredibly straightforward. Simply create a new scene, add the minigame manager with a collider to detect the player, and enter the scene's name in the "Level Name" field of the terminal. Now, when the player interacts with the terminal, the scene will load, and it will unload once the player finishes the minigame.

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